When My Persona/Psyche/Ego Misbehaves

I am no longer in stress as I have nothing that stresses me. I no longer need to work a regular job, I have all the money I need, I have a home, a car, cable TV, cell phone, all utilities paid on time, good health, Self-awareness, all my bills paid so what's the problem? The problem is that it's the ego's nature to look for stress even when there is no stress. It needs to struggle to feel alive. It needs a self-identity booster that comes about from negative, self-inflicted stimuli. That is the domain of what I like to call "the lower ego." It has difficulty learning to be at peace and so, I have learned that it must be trained.

The best training I have experienced to parent my unruly ego is the use of repetitive mantras that assist in quieting the ego, not abandoning it or getting rid of it. When my ego begins to manufacture false scenarios that cause me to think and feel negatively, I simply repeat, "All is well." If I have to repeat it all day long, every day, I do and I have. What this accomplishes is the quieting of the unruly  ego because it eventually tires of its struggle and eventually listens and believes that all is well. Again, I am not talking about squashing one's ego. We need our egos to remain self-aware on the level of our personas, bodies, feelings and thoughts in the physical dimension in which we experience.

A misbehaving ego is a willful one where it refuses to learn important lessons and thus causes the persona to repeat painful experiences over and over again like mankind hasn't with regards to war. We know war is bad and horrific, we have learned that, yet we keep doing it. That's indicative of man's willful lower ego.

When we parent our ego, we handle solving problems diplomatically and use force and killing, not as a knee jerk reaction but as a last resort and, ideally, not at all. Think John F. Kennedy in the Cuban missile crisis. All the generals of the time wanted to bomb, bomb, bomb but Kennedy kept a cool head by parenting his ego.

Parenting your ego is not weakness. It's the strongest action you can take.


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