Wednesday, May 17, 2017

They Call Me Don Juan

They affectionately call me Don Juan after Don Juan Matus, the Sorcerer from the Carlos Castenada books. Why do they do this? Did they see me doing sorcery? Yes, they did as they saw manifestations in my life and wondered how did I do that and came to the conclusion that I must make magic. Well, I do make magic and it's in the form of, through my and operating from my quantum being, an unlimited reality and consciousness where anything and everything is possible including major, instant manifestation.

This is not limited to beings like me. All beings with a soul, with Spirit can do what I do. You manifested a body that you live in, didn't you? Yes, I know. The problem is that you don't believe that. You believe that you're an original sinner with not much going for you let alone the ability to manifest a human body. You don't know how you got here. You believe that your manifestation awaits you on the other side, in heaven, when you have your goody-two shoes ticket punched. Misguided thinking and that's why you live in an unrealized condition called lack.

Life, this reality we exist in, is quantum, unlimited and yet most humans on the planet put fake limits on themselves. Most people never realize their unlimited potential because they allow ideational belief systems in the form of religion and society to control them, to limit them. This is NOT about anarchy. This is about knowing that you are a sorcerer, an unlimited being that can manifest anything you so choose, at will, just like you manifested your body.

If you want to experience your true nature as an unlimited, quantum being, you will have to take a leap of faith. The first step in the leap of faith is admitting that you are worthy, is gaining more of a sense of your self-worth, the self-worth that says you are worthy of self-love.

Begin by loving yourself, take that step. Then, soon, you too will be Don Juan.

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