The Real Secret To Life

The real secret to life is being here now. This is our inherent ability to live in the present moment and not use pre-conceived notions, beliefs, thoughts, desires and past experience to determine our experience right now. When we are here now, we allow a fresh, new awareness to be in our reality. We do not live in the past or future. The track forward is in front of us and is laid down with no labels, no brainwashing, no fake ego persona. It and we are one and real.

How does one achieve this state of being here now? I have found that the first step is erasing your personal history and letting go of self-importance. Erase it. Let it go. Stop letting your past define your now. Learn from your past but don't be your past. Your past is gone, completed, dead. Lesson learned. You are here now in this now moment so start seeing this now moment with the fresh eyes of being free from the boxes that define you and imprison you in a bunch of ideas of who you used to be.

Don't go into your experiences with any thinking. Go into your experiences with awareness, the awareness of you're having a consciousness that always was, is and will be, continually expanding.

Let what you are be renewed by your experiences, not having the experience in the and through the same old filter of the past or old beliefs.

When you come to your experiences with pre-conceived notions, you are not experiencing, you are re-living and you aren't even alive.

The Secret to life is to be new in your experience, letting it be a now experience, not the tired, worn out energy of what it's always been like, should be, would be or could be. Try to be new in the new things you try.

Live in the now moment, that's where life happens.


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