The Real Purpose For Living Is NOT Suffering, Pain And Death

If you are suffering, in pain and fear death, you are not truly living. When you are unbalanced in any aspect of your life, this is not the true way of life. Being sick is your way of learning something about an aspect of yourself. You have not gotten bad breaks, God or Spirit or the devil is NOT punishing you, karma, the Universe is not after you. It is you who have agreed to suffer for the purpose of gaining greater awareness about yourself. You don't have to be sick.

What does this mean? This means that the purpose of life is to play and to be healthy, happy, peaceful and in balance. It is not meant as a punishment. Yes, there is a real sadness to being in pain and being ill, to suffer. I do not deny the feeling of hopelessness in the suffering that people have around their diseases. This is not a chastisement but a clarion call to your unconscious state where you believe  that something bad has happened to you when in the deeper reality of soul and Spirit, you have a role in your suffering. I know it's hard to hear. You do not have to live in pain, suffering and fear of death as YOU are the creator of your reality, like it or not.

How can we make the great, quantum leap from suffering to enjoying? It is the one major shift of your consciousness from "it's happening to me to I am responsible for making things happen in my life" that you must make to see your life from a daring perspective. The perspective that life in a human body is a play.

Your disease, pain, suffering is of YOUR choosing. It is you showing you a teaching about life that you must learn and overcome. So overcome it and move on. All sickness originates from mind and emotion. You must look at how and what you think and feel to see, to discover the derivation of your unbalance. You are playing a game with yourself and I say this in the deepest Love and respect for all who are suffering, in pain and fearing death.

Life is meant for thinking and feeling good even in the face of adversarial conditions that we put on ourselves. We are doing things to and for ourselves. Again, I know this is hard to hear and I am with you there and it must be revealed.

Your body speaks your mind, your body reveals your emotions and feelings...the true ones. Move from your unconscious state to a more conscious state where you know life is a game, a play, a happy state of affairs where growing your awareness is the key!!! The real purpose of life in body is NOT suffering. It is realizing!


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