Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Real Escape From The 3rd Dimensional Matrix

The 3rd Dimensional Matrix that most on Earth are imprisoned by and in is in reality a giant, a massive agreement all who are in the Matrix share. The Matrix that enslaves most on Earth is a belief system that all share and feel and is an energy based on the consciousness of the society at large exemplifying itself in the ways and beliefs of how government, business, banks, military, education, religion, food distribution, treatment of women, minorities should be run.

There is a movement afoot to unplug from this greedy and one-sided Matrix but those of us who are now fully unplugged, we have some wisdom to give those that are still working on escaping this Matrix.

Remember that as you unplug from this fake Matrix, as you wake up and realize it's a control matrix and you take yourself out of it, you must know how and where to turn  since you are no longer of it but you are still in it and must learn how to better navigate in it.

The very first thing to realize is your own thoughts. What are they? Are you thinking for yourself? How do you really feel about the behavior of the matrix's institutions? Are you still spouting the mantra's of the false Matrix that you are brainwashed to regurgitate over and over again like a non-thinking robot? For example, are you still robotically allowing yourself to be divided against your brothers and sisters with political divisiveness of right and left, conservative and liberal when in reality, we all want the same things: security, peace, happiness, abundance, balance and harmony? Are you still allowing the government, business, banks, military, education, religion, food distribution and treatment of women and minorities to run your life the way they have organized it or are you part of the unplugging from these ways to change them to a more beneficial way for all?

I am not talking about bringing down society. I am talking about changing what is no longer appropriate like homelessness, starvation, paying women less than men, greedy loan interest rates, criminal payday loans, unaffordable health insurance, unaffordable higher education, alarming High School drop out rates, war, murder, sanctions, horrible fast foods, gmo's, pollution, gasoline fueled vehicles and all the rest of this perverted matrix's unconscious ways that poison and pollute, that demean and imprison.

The real escape from this unconscious Matrix is by becoming conscious, that is, aware of what you really think and how you really feel and not your enslaved, unconscious, brainwashed persona that keeps you locked in the Matrix.

Escaping the Matrix is actually getting out of your false self, your false beliefs.

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