Friday, May 5, 2017

The Past Won't Drive The Future

From my new perception, most people on the planet are living in the past as they see and act in the present moment through the filter of their past experiences expecting there to be a different and better outcome based on what happened in their past. There will be no better outcome from this perspective as your history will repeat itself.

Don't allow your past to drive your present or your future. The past is only your remembrance of your life lessons. Learn and move on and see the now as a new track, a new day with different intentions, new beliefs, learned life lessons instead of the same tired, worn out old ideas that are dead, dead, dead. History needn't repeat itself in your life. To repeat history is a stupid human mistake. Stupid. Period!

Get out of your "past" filter. Drop it. Discard it, throw it away. Erase your personal history and seek to be creative in moving forward on your new track, making new and better decisions based on the now moment, not what you always did and not just the way things are.

The past is old energy and no longer relevant in your now. How you did it in the past is dead, over, forget it. Be creative and seek new expressions, new experiences, greater awarenesses and not the constricted, old, tired, worn out ways that no longer mean anything.

Approach your now in ways you never have. Start anew, start fresh. Live for today and stop repeating the same lessons and mistakes over and over again because of your reluctance to let go of your past!

The past is dead. The now is alive. The past will no longer drive your future. There isn't going to be a zombie apocalypse!

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