Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Cosmic Abstraction

What is the Cosmos? What is Cosmic consciousness? These are just words, abstractions that are a crude approximation of what our human perception can grasp about this very fine awareness called Cosmic. The map is not the territory and the word Cosmic does not describe the experience of Cosmic or Cosmic consciousness. So, what is Cosmic experience like?

For me, having a titanic, Cosmic, Shamanic soul, the experience of being Cosmic is living without limitation, living with no boundaries, not living in a box of labels, being a quantum Beingness who travels the limits of the Cosmos, a Beingness who knows he is part of infinite intelligence and is not a noun but a verb. My spirituality cannot be defined. I cannot be named. I am here, there and everywhere. My soul is as expansive as the Cosmos. See what I mean?

Please understand that my Cosmic soul is a consciousness, an awareness and I can be in human format and am throughout the Cosmos (including Earth). I am not just here. I ride the back of that giant spider, called God, who travels its Cosmic web here, there and everywhere.

If you desire to apprehend Cosmic awareness, open your mind beyond the box of Earthly, Solar, Galactic and Universal. Stop your limiting Earthly beliefs that say you are this and that. You are not this and that. You are stardust, you are the stars, you are the Cosmic web's intent to explore its beingness in actionable formate in an infinite array over and over again with no beginning and no end.

The Cosmic abstraction is no abstraction. It is a very fine awareness that can only be apprehended through diligent releasing of limiting beliefs mainly because Cosmic has no limits. NO LIMITS!!!

Live with no limits. That's the beginning of Cosmic awareness.

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