The Body I Am Now, Is ALL My Bodies

I am NOT my body, I am ALL the many bodies I have been during my assigment on Earth. My being is a continuum and whatever I have experienced in bodies is reflected in my body in this now moment.

Past, present and future are ALL contained in my body in this here and now. The idea of separating events that occur in a continuum is a thought construct of ego in an attempt to explain, codify, analyze different moments of realizations I have had over the millennia. I AM, not I WAS or  I WILL be. I have arrived at accepting my AM-NESS without any doubt, ignoring, refuting or hesitation.

By accepting who and what I am, that I truly am a continuum of soul through many incarnations, I can access all that I am. I can access skills and abilities that are in my body, that is, part of my complex of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is-ness that contains all the information I need.

Nothing in me is dead or gone. All my experiences, lessons, teachings, learnings are with me from other lifetimes. I can call on these at will and use them for the betterment of myself and all those around me.

I am not a "body," I am a continuum. This is not some ideal I strive for. I have "seen" the many "me's" in this physical reality. From this awareness, I speak.


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