Physical Death Is Not An Ending, It's A Beginning

Religion and society at large, have conditioned humans to fear the leaving of their physical avatar as if it's an ending. It is not any kind of ending at all. You have been fooled, mislead, as physical death is the beginning of the new you, the You that had the experience you chose to have in physical incarnations to explore the expansion of your soul's awareness. The real you is not your physical self it's your soul Self that never dies. So, dying is a big lie, perpetrated on you to keep you in fear and to control you.

Here is the mantra that will begin to bring you greater awareness of the true nature of your existence: "there is no death, no death is inappropriate, you can't die unless your soul agrees and is ready."

Manybelieve that the ego/psyche/persona drives the bus of our physical existence. This is not true as our human, physical avatar is a denser vibrating complex created by our soul so that it can navigate this actionable physical Matrix we inhabit as incarnated beings. The soul drives the bus. The soul is the leader, not your ego. Your lower ego does not call the shots, your higher soul does. If your soul leaves the body, you die in this Matrix. It is your soul that animates you, not your ego. Your ego is your physical identity, your soul is your I Am reality.

The soul is not physical. It does not have physical limitations and does not think with ego identity. The soul is part of Spirit and as such, manifests as a continuum of human lives and other physical formats, for beginning, no ending.

Your death is not the end of you. It is the beginning of you with new awarenesses garnered through your experiences on the Earth plane.

We come to any physical sphere in this Universe to grow our souls' awareness. It's a virtual reality that we, as souls, hold sway over, not the other way around as you have falsely been made to believe.

When you die, the lights don't go out, they turn on. Surprise!!!!!!!


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