People Ask, "When Will We Have A Kinder World?"

Everyone is wondering and asks, "when will we have a kinder world?" WHY is the world not more kind? The answer is simple: when YOU are kind, you have a kind world. I believe that we don't have to be concerned about why the world is kind or not and just behave kindly ourselves. Don't wait for others to be kind to you for you to be kind to others.

Start with being kind to yourself and kind to others, then you have a kind world. Your kindness ripples out to the entire world. Just go out into your world and do random acts of kindness instead of what that young man did, mowing people down with his car in Times Square in NYC.

Being mad at the world and acting madly is only creating more of the same. Being in pain and blaming others and then believing you have to give them pain by taking them with you is the true definition of insanity, selfishness and ego. That's why they say a person is "mad" when a person is mentally unbalanced.

True balance in a person is kindness. Even if and when you are in some kind of pain, choose kindness  toward yourself and others. Start with being kind in the little things in your life. Smile at others, say a kind word to a stranger, don't yell at people, don't be so righteous, stop your self-importance, erase your personal history, stop making it be all about YOU.

Don't be so unkind. You're not that good.

When YOU are kind, you have a kind world.


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