Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Physical Aspect Is Spiritual

There is a big disconnect in human perception of Spirit as humans have been led to believe that Spirit is up there or out there somewhere. The state of being for most humans is separation consciousness, that is, they believe they have to get to Spirit some way and somehow because it is not in them. This is a misperception as the physical aspect of humans is a part of their Spiritual construct. Humans are Spirit in form or what I like to call slowed down Spirit.

We humans are Spirit. There is no separation, you don't have to earn Spirit, you don't have to read a book. What you have to do is work on expanding your awareness so that you can perceive Spirit in you.

How does one work on expanding one's awareness so that one can perceive that Spirit is with them right now?

Here are the basic ways to perceive Spirit in yourself:

1. Meditate

2. Eat living foods, no junk or processed foods or too much animal fat.

3. Make silence your friend.

4. Study ancient spiritual texts from around the world.

5. Use prayer, contemplation and affirmations every day, letting Spirit know you are greatful everyday.

6. Let go of negativity.

7. Love yourself and others unconditionally.

These are some basic ways that you can again hear the voice of Spirit within yourself. Spirit is not out there. It is within you, a part of you. If you can't hear Spirit it is your doing not Spirit's. Resolve to open your channels to once again be Spirit for it is your true essence, your true nature and is not separate from you.

You and Spirit are one.

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