No Matter Your Low Self-esteem, There Is More To You

From my observation, many live with lack of self-worth or low self-esteem. They put themselves down and are easily intimidated. What they don't realize is there is so much more to them than meets their inner eye.

We humans are ensouled beings that are multi-Dimensional, a continuum of life ever lasting, filled with experiences from many lifetimes. Many skills and abilities are at our command if we just simply allow our perception to go within and see what we truly are. We are not just our jobs, religion, race, sex and creed. These are confining labels that are forced on us and many times are the reasons we have low-self-esteem.

You are, humans, awesome beings with awesome powers even though you have been led to believe you are nothing.

Arise out of your slumber that keeps you in a narrowly defined box. Expand your reality by exploring those aspects of yourself that go beyond easy labels. I'm not advocating changing your job; I am advocating seeing that you have more power in your job than you realize.

You have allowed things to define you. Start defining yourself. You be the definition of who and what you are.

Stand tall and shake off the fake identity that has you trapped in low self-worth. Determine to make the great, quantum leap from no self-worth to great self-worth. The first step is looking at yourself in the mirror multiple times per day and saying: "I am a winner, a contributor, an achiever, I believe in me."


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