"Let The Dead Bury The Dead"

The famous expression, "let the dead bury the dead," attributed to the avatar, Jesus of Nazareth, finds new meaning in our shifting times as many humans continue to willfully remain unconscious of and unconnected to soul and Spirit. When you remain solely identified with your persona/psyche/ego and not your soul and Spirit, you are, in a sense, dead to those aspects of yourself. You remain outer focused with little or no sense of the mystical or metaphysical so you relate to life mindlessly as if you are just a thing and that type of relating to life is you, the dead, relating to others and everything around you, who you see as dead, so in effect, you are burying the dead. You continue your playful human experience in an unconscious fashion, that is, soulless!

Soulless, dead, not willing to be your soul/Spirit awareness that is the true you. Yo can tell when you are soulless/dead by your behavior of war, hate, judgement, greed, avarice, anger, righteousness, self-importance and divisiveness...all rife on our planet right now.

Get out of this now if you want to be happy and peaceful. May I suggest you become more aware of concerning yourself with soulful pursuits such as joy, Love, peace, health, light, abundance, manifestation, balance and harmony. These are the soul's domain, the domain of one who is truly alive and not dead.

Get out of your slumber and your refusal to connect with your soul. Stop being dead and stop burying the dead. Start living. It's the beauty way.


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