It's Appropriate For Others To Be Who And What They Are

Judgement is rife on our planet, where most people judge others according to where the other is in life, what they are spiritually and more. To me, it is arrogant to set standards for others. I have come to a place where I perceive that what others are is APPROPRIATE FOR THEM AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!!! This is a biggie!

My mission here on Earth is not to save, change, advise or comfort anyone. I am not responsible for where people are at in their lives nor do I judge where they are at. To me, everyone is RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. PERIOD. My love for myself and others is NOT based on what they do or who they are. Who and what they are is their responsibility, not mine. I love them unconditionally as in what they are is just fine with me and they don't need to be anything different for me to love them or be their friend.

That being said, to be honest, I do have the right to stay away from low vibe and negative people. I do not hate or judge them as I have mingled with them for eons but now, I am protecting myself by simply not being around what brings me down and that is my prerogative, that is my desire.

I can't nor do I wish to change anyone but myself where change is needed. You must be the change you want to see in the world. I am already changing for the better and that is what I am responsible for.

I wish for people to be exactly who and what they are for they have arrived at this point through much travail and are exactly where they need to be. There is nothing in them for me not to love. They are them. They are on their path that is right for them. It is inappropriate for me to want them to be any different to suit my judgement of them.

Do I yell at the rain for falling on my head because I forgot my umbrella? Maybe you do, I do not. The rain is my friend and my umbrella is not above my head, so what. At the same time, I don't rail at the sky nor do I sit idly by condoning war, greed, hate, anger, injustice, prejudice and fear. I publically condemn those and I do not make those. To perpetrate THAT on others is NOT appropriate but it IS appropriate if people want to accept those things being perpetrated on them.

What you accept and don't accept is you, not me but it does affect me for I am also part of you.


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