I'm Seeing Things AGAIN For The Very First Time

I am not the same person I was Saturday. On Sunday, Mother's Day, I realized and felt, very palpably, that my perception of reality had expanded. My awareness was larger. How did I perceive this? I felt it in my body first as changes in my sensate reality. Everything sensual was heightened, sensual meaning my senses of smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing were expanded, greater, deeper. I also  perceived that the movie, "I Remember Mama" with Irene Dunne that I have seen many times, was different this Mother's Day and felt like I was watching it again for the first time. I didn't remember scenes in the movie that revealed completely different things to me as if I had never seen them before.

We all experience perceiving more when we re-read a book or watch a favorite movie again but this was different. I really felt like I had never seen this movie before and I was perceiving deeper meanings in many scenes and this is happening on all levels of my experience of life.

For me, it feels like my expanding perception is moving at the speed of light. I am processing these changes very quickly and I am perceiving these changes very quickly. They are so quick and so subtle that I must take pauses, slow time down a bit and savor these differences in my reality or my perception of my reality.

I can do this by seeing what I notice and holding it in my thoughts and in my feelings. I perceive it from within my expanded awareness and I realize I am seeing what I have seen before but for the first time in this new, expanded, higher awareness. See what I mean?

This can be done by anyone. Learn to slow yourself down enough to be able to perceive the speed of light making its changes in your reality with its upgrades. Pay attention to BOTH your interior and exterior experiences, the stimuli. You do this by taking notice of how you may see something different in something you have seen many times. Take notice. See the shadow in between the crevices in the rock and it will present a new reality to you. That reality is really your expanded awareness.


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