Tuesday, May 2, 2017

If You Believe The "Universe" Or God Didn't Give It To You, You're Misguided

If you believe that there is some force, like a Universe or a God, that gives you things when you want and need them and doesn't give them to you because you don't deserve them or it wasn't meant to be, you're just kidding yourself, your dreaming! Why is this true?

The truth of this assertion rests in the reality that YOU are the Universe, God walking around in a dense, physical reality that you chose. You are the Universe, talking to the Universe, talking to God which is YOU!!! When you pray in thanks to the Universe or God you are praying to yourself and the Self-ness that exists around you that you are attuning to as you send out your prayers, your intent.

The Universe, God is not an "I," it is a "We." We are the Universe, God experiencing itself in a dense, actionable reality. When you intend, when you pray, have desire, who is listening? You and the All There Is is listening in terms of your attuning to the vibrations that are already there because in reality, the Universe, God lacks nothing. Whatever you need and want is already inside you. It is you that is cutting it off from yourself, not the Universe or God.

The problem is we have been inculcated with the opposite of the truth. We have been told that we are Nothing by these religions and society that seek to control us. It is you that brings you all you need and want. YOU! The Universe and God don't have human refusal mechanisms where they withhold from you your abundance. You withold your abundance from yourself because you believe you don't deserve it.

It's OK to talk to the Universe and God and ask that your desires be fulfilled but stop making them the fall guy. You're the fall guy.

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