Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Have Given Up Fear Because It Stinks

I have given up fear, anger, hate, sadness, predjudice, judgementalness, greed, jealousy and doubt. No, I mean, completely let all of these things go mainly because they stink and I mean stink both physically and spiritually. I couldn't stand the smell anymore, the rot, the rot of my mind, body, feelings and Spirit.

I ask myself, what took me so long? How did I live with that stink for so long now that I am rid of it and am smelling the scent of flowers? My answer: I got used to the stink, thought that's how things are. I now know that fear is fake. I washed that fakery off me. I feel so refreshed.

What is happening to me as a result of my giving up fear? New beginnings. I am not afraid to feel good falsely thinking it's going to be taken away or that as a result of my feeling fearless, something bad is going to happen to me. I am not afraid to speak my truth. I am not afraid to speak my mind and I don't have to be rude or crude when I speak with clarity. Now understand that I do this with wisdom. I speak from the heart when it's necessary and I do not go bull in a China shop with anyone. I don't need to go on a rampage to express my truth and I only express my truth when asked.

I no longer worry or am concerned with what you think. What you think has nothing to do with me and most of what you think comes out of fear.

If you want to keep fearing, have at it. I've let it go. I am free of that stink and it feels so very good.

The new Earth starts today for me. The new Earth, a planet with no fear!

My first words to the fearmongerers: your time is over.

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