I Don't Know Everything But I Have Access To All Knowledge

I don't know everything but I know that I have access to all knowledge when I allow my Cosmic awareness to open to all knowledge in the Cosmos. I will never come across as a know-it-all because I know that my human knowledge is limited in that I can always know more about a subject.

I have the ability to tune into Cosmic knowledge, as does everyone, by opening to my Cosmic awareness and my Cosmic soul. What this Cosmic awareness is is an unlimited awareness that has no Earthly, Solar, Galactic or Universal constraints or boundaries. It is quantum in nature and can be tapped into simply by allowing oneself to be in Cosmic awareness. This takes practice. What are some of the practices that assist in expanding one's awareness to that of Cosmic proportions?

1. Believe that Cosmic awareness is real.

2. Connect with your soul through meditational practices.

3. Refine your physical body by eating better and eating less.

4. Learn that listening and silence are your friends.

5. Start reading about Cosmic subjects.

6. Allow yourself to learn your soul lessons, your soul corrections and soul purpose.

7. Be willing to expand your consciousness and grow.

These sound simple but they are not. They are all great leaps of faith into the unknown and in the unknown is where you will find everything.

Cosmic consciousness is the degree to which your awareness has expanded. It's quite an expansion. Be careful. Be discerning. Be aware. Question everything.


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