Sunday, May 14, 2017

I Am A Happy Soul

I am not afraid to express that I am a happy soul and despite the ups and downs I have experienced in this play called "life" I am not bitter, depressed, angry, hateful, judgemental, regretful or self-pitying. I also am not worried that my happiness will be taken away as is the common belief that when you have something good, it gets taken away. False!!!

What does my being a happy soul mean to you? It means two things: 1. My happiness has a ripple effect and has already touched you. 2. You too can be a happy soul like me.

How does one become a happy soul? You don't become a happy soul. You either are one or not. To be a happy soul, you must realize that happiness is not a verb as in to BE happy. It is a noun as in it is a condition, a thing to EXPERIENCE within yourself as the realization that this is your natural state of being a soul. Souls are happy beings as their essential nature. Souls don't have the same mind as their persona/psyche/ego. Souls don't think like humans. Souls know the true nature of existence which in my soul experience is joyful, Loving, filled with light, healthy, peaceful, balanced, harmonic, manifesting and abundant. What's not to be happy about?

You are not happy because you are not connected to your soul!!! The soul is happy and you in your lower egoic world are miserable and bitter because you refuse to see the absolute truth of your reality that you are the master of your creation and your happiness IS YOU!!!

You don't have to get or do anything to be happy. You already are happy, you just forgot it. Stop believing that you'll be happy when... There is no when to the ego. When when arrives, the ego looks for another when. The soul is happy now, right now. Misery = ego identification. Happiness = soul awareness.

Ego says compete, compare, tear down, analyze, aggrandize, fear. Soul says learn, realize, be yourself, Love yourself.

To be happy, be your soul.

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