I Accept Myself With All My Perfections

It seems our world, with its human portrait of low self-worth so entrenched in our consciousness, is changing to embrace the reality that our human imperfections are actually perfect and we are right where we need to be in our conscious evolution.

We humans are imperfectly perfect and the key to our continued spiritual growth is to accept ourselves as being perfect with all our flaws. Imperfectly perfect. What does this really mean? It means that humans are designed to be imperfect, have flaws, make mistakes and explore those flaws and mistakes to grow from them and gain greater awareness.

Mistakes are not to be avoided, flaws are not to be shunned. Yes, I know. This concept sounds easier than it is to manage in reality. True. At the heart of it is accepting yourself just the way you are. It's a way of seeing that you are perfect just the way you are with all your flaws and mistakes and life is a challenge to you to learn from these difficulties.

Please understand that I am not asking you to suffer. There is nothing wrong with adjusting some physical, mental or emotional flaw in you that will assist you in greater self-worth and self-acceptance.

What I'm suggesting is a way of seeing life as perfect just the way it is and not an experience of suffering. It is an experience of soul growth. Our physical, mental and emotional capacities are not meant to be perfect, they are flawed and in their flawed nature they help us to grow in understanding the truer natures of our reality. The reality that accepting and loving yourself  just the way you are is the first step to maturing your soul.

Your imperfections are perfectly imperfect. Designed to perfect you.


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