Experiences Are A Measure Of Human Growth

Human experiences are multifaceted, that is, we as humans experience life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually yet why are we so afraid to experience life on ALL these levels? Why do we not enjoy our multifaceted experiences in all their fullness instead of dulling them down with drugs, judgement or experiencing according to other's standards?

In my perception, if we are dumbing down our experiences, we are not growing and growth is why we are in human form. From my second sight, we are here to expand our soul's awareness through our multifaceted experiences. Life is for experiences and that includes all levels.

Shutting ourselves down from experiences is, in effect, stunting our soul. We humans crave physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation to grow our soul's awareness, yet why do the religions and society with it put so much forbidding on life, so much restriction, so much judgement?

In my estimation, this restricting is done to control through fear. You don't get more spiritual by fearing and denying yourself deeper experiences, of course, using moderation, wisdom and discernment.

Life is not about slaving at a job all your life and then dying. Life is so much more expansive than we allow ourselves to realize, be aware of and experience because we are told not to. That way of thinking is dead. That's an old, old energy paradigm no longer applicable to humans on Earth.

Get out of seeing life as a restriction to experiencing. It's just the opposite. These religions that have so many restrictions on living are out of line. They tell you about morality while they condone mass murder in the form of war. Religions hold no moral sway since most of their history is written in blood including modern day crusades. Iraq anyone?

I am not saying to get rid of ways to approach and connect with Spirit. That is always valuable and essential but not doing it at the despair of your soul which is here in human form to experience not to be restricted for the purpose of control.


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