Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where To Find Spirit

Where does one go to find, to experience, Spirit? From my experience, Spirit is the experience you have when you walk between the raindrops during a thunderstorm, when you awake during the space between your thoughts, when you are out of your mind, when you look into your eyes in a mirror and say "I love you."

The spark of Spirit does not reveal it's essential nature by anything you do. It shows itself when you un-do or let's say not-do. It is in your not-doing where you will find Spirit and not-doing doesn't mean that you are not aware, not perceiving. Not-doing is stopping the world, that is, stopping your agreement of what you feel the world of known form is because Spirit is not that. The world as you know it is a belief in a feeling. That belief you have excludes Spirit because you feel that Spirit is "out there somewhere."

Spirit is right here but is not perceptible through your human perception. Stop your human perception and move to psychic perception, to the awareness of what is between you and your shadow. Use your imagination that is not "just my imagination." Imagination is real. Through your imagination, you can catch a glimpse of Spirit.

In the final analysis, there is no finding Spirit. Spirit, I have experienced is apprehended as the feeling one has when one is on a mystical path. That feeling of "mystical" gets you close to experiencing Spirit. It's a sense within, a non-ordinary perspective of life.

This is how I "find" Spirit: I walk a mystical path and it is the feeling of that path where I am with Spirit. Spirit will reveal itself as you are not-doing on your mystical path.

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