Monday, April 24, 2017

When You Live It, Then You Can Talk

If you're not living Spirit, stop talking. What I mean is, if you're not engaged with Spirit on a mystical path, stop talking and start listening. If you are not on a mystical path, stop talking and start practicing being silent that Spirit may come to you. If Spirit has not come to you, just shut up because you don't know what you're talking about.

How can you engage and experience Spirit? Here are the ways you can begin to encounter and then allow yourself to be with Spirit as I have experienced myself:

1. Recognize that you have been conditioned to be in "separation consciousness" that says Spirit is out there. Spirit is right here, in you. There is no out there.

2. Start believing that you are Spirit in form.

3. Stop intellectualizing and start experiencing. Reading a book is not the answer. Walk a mystical path and experience Spirit on that path. Stop your ideation of Spirit. Spirit is no mind.

4. Realize that this reality is a spiritual experience and you are in it.

5. Get rid of the notion that you have to die to connect with Spirit. Heaven is right here.

6. Start knowing that you are worthy of connecting with and being Spirit.

7. Stop the false notion of a second coming or a waiting for a messiah. It's already happened and it's YOU!

If you aren't living Spirit, please don't talk out of your fakery, please don't tell me this or that if you're not experiencing Spirit every day as real and palpable. If you're insulted, good. Now, maybe, you'll get real instead of being all talk.

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