Saturday, April 8, 2017

When You Change Your Vibration, You Change Your Reality

People desparately want to know, learn and apply the ability to control their reality. I don't blame them as most people have been conditioned to feel powerless as in all the power in their reality is outside of them. The Truth of the matter is just the opposite: all humans have the ability to control, change, effect and manifest their reality as they desire.

How do we control our reality to the way that makes us feel blissful? It is based on the power of our vibratory level. Each human is a vibrational complex of levels of light and sound. This light and sound is affected by thought and feeling. As you become more focused upon thoughts that feel blissful, peaceful and joyful to you, you alter your vibration and you attune to, resonate with those same vibrations that are in the spiritual matrix around you. You become one with the vibration of bliss and bliss is created, arrives in your reality. Your calling of the reality you want in your life is simply your attuning to it by your focusing on it. Garbage in, garbage out. You think fearful thoughts, more things to fear come into your reality. The opposite is also valid. Think peaceful thoughts and more peaceful things appear in your reality.

Where's the difficulty in this simple concept? There is no difficulty in the operation of this human ability except in humans who don't believe it's available to them. People are so conditioned that things just "happen" to them that they are in a consensus trance that they have no power to change their reality at will, yes, at will.

If you desire to change your reality, change your focus. If your reality is bad, it's you focusing on bad no matter how much you deny it. You create your reality. Once you accept that, you will change it

You are your reality.

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