Monday, April 3, 2017

What's Different About Me?

My friends have noticed that something is different about me but they are not sure what it is. I know. It is that I am now living in detachment. What does that mean? It means I have relinquished expectations and am no longer attached to outcomes because I now know that I and I alone control the flow of my life with my focus. What happens in my life, I create, I express. There is nothing to attach to in the other as I am the master of my universe. It's me shaping my reality and you are just a player in my theatre piece as I am in yours. Welcome to my sandbox!!!

I don't force outcomes, I let them flow because I know I am that flow. I don't allow myself to stay stuck in a pre-determined agenda. I let it flow because it's my flow, that one I created in a now moment. The you that's in my world is my creation. I wanted it that way so I am conscious that I created this experience. That's also known as mindfulness. It's not control, it's trust. I trust that whatever is there in the flow of my life is of my creation. I allow it. I don't hold to pre-conceived notions. I focus and then feel the flow of my life and it's just how I like it. If I don't feel good about the flow of my life, I shift my focus to what I do like and voila, my life reacts by changing to a better course for me.

We all have the ability to detach from rigidly expected outcomes that may or may not be ours. The idea is to own your path and everything on it because it's you. Don't expect anything, just allow yourself an expansion of your focus and notice how you feel. Your reality is just a feeling anyway. It is an agreement with yourself.

I make everything in my reality just the way I want it and if it's not, I change my focus. I don't attach to expecting anything from you. I just let it roll. I trust that what happens is the best for all concerned.

Now, that's a big difference to experience. This same kind of experience is calling you.

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