Saturday, April 29, 2017

What Manifests In Your Life When You Are in High Vibration

Consciously vibrating higher does have consequences that I experience. What is vibrating Higher? When your thoughts, feelings, intentions revolve around joy, Love, health, light, balance, harmony, peace, abundance and manifestation, your vibrational level, that is your frequency, is raised. You are energetically vibrating at a faster frequency just like a tuning fork or a musical note. All humans are energy vibrating at a certain pitch or frequency. Being in higher frequencies creates more refined life experiences.

I have experienced the following results by keeping myself vibrating much higher than the society I am surrounded by:

1. Being excited to wake up and start my day and always being thankful, appreciative and grateful.

2. Good health.

3. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively.

4. Feeling strong.

5. Financial prosperity.

6. Pleasant interactions with other people.

7. Going with the flow.

8. Time speeds up.

9. Expressing kindness and love automatically.

10. Having intuitive and psychic experiences daily.

11. Feeling happy, joyful and elated.

12. Looking my best.

Many have said that I exude a zen-like calm or peacefulness. These manifestations can be a part of anyone's life. You just have to give up your attachment to being in a lower vibratory frequency caused by being fearful, judgemental, hateful, angry, jealous, covetous, suspicious, doubtful, hesitant, and egotistic.

When you give these lower vibrations up, welcome to heaven. I'll see you there.

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