Saturday, April 1, 2017

What Is "God Consciousness"?

The concept of "God consciousness" is becoming more prevalent. What does it mean! "God consciousness" is not a belief. You don't think it. You don't point your finger in a sacred text to verify it or prove it through your actions. "God consciousness" is the state of your Being in its level of awareness where you exist in a construct of reality where you know God as you, as other than you and in all there is. You no longer have separation consciousness where you have the false notion that you and God are separate. God does not exist somewhere else. God exists here, in this now moment, in you.

"God consciousness" has no thingness. It is not material. It is spiritual and can only be experienced within. It is a feeling, a sense of the mystical path that includes everything, even you. It does not follow a religion, is not on anyone's side more than anyone else's and does not care how you know it. It is a construct, a dimension of awareness that contains sacred space, divine awareness, a holiness that is born out of Love. This is the domain of miracles, blessings, synchronicities and sustainance open to all who live in it.

"God consciousness" is a state of being that you have. It means that you exist in a state of grace where you have acknowledged that you are God also and you function accordingly. In this state, all is possible. You live peace, Love, health, Light, balance, harmony, abundance and manifestation as a matter of course.

"God consciousness" is not something you have to get or is only for a privileged few. You allow it by getting out of conditioned beliefs and finally seeing that you and God are one thing.

That is the awareness you want to cultivate; that you and God are one.

God is not in a box that is exclusive. God is all there is. Being God in your human experience is true spirituality. See what I mean?

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