Friday, April 28, 2017

What Happens When You Have Higher Consciousness?

What changes in a person when they have strengthened their higher awareness muscle, when they have worked to bring more light and higher consciousness into their life? From my experience, what changes is one's ability to handle everyday inner negativity, mental weaknesses, lapses in judgement where, instead of choosing the negative alternative, you choose a more positive path, you choose to take the higher road. You can correct your mistakes more easily, forgive more easily, trust yourself more easily.

Why is this? I have found that it becomes easier to overcome one's adversarial side, one's shadow side when one has strengthened ones awareness muscle because you have more inner light that has given you a more clear perspective on the illusory and false nature of the lower ego that wants to judge, compete and compare. To me, this is an important shift in one's awareness because it brings more inner peace, happiness, abundance, balance, manifestation, health and joy. 

I am not talking about positive thinking. I am talking about a state of expanded awareness that has been worked on through conscious intent where you choose a more aware option that helps all concerned have a more positive experience. This type of awareness goes to the very top to our leaders in every field. You can easily see who the more aware leaders are by their choice of actions. Are they tearing down or building up? Are they acting out of fear, anger, thoughtlessness or higher awareness? Are they acting out of a self-serving awareness or an awareness that they are in service to others? Do they let their pettiness determine their actions or not?

To me, this is a big deal and determines the maturity of the human race. I see a greater need for higher awareness and higher consciousness on our planet. That is what I practice every day: not letting myself fall into a trap of letting my negative reactions rule me by staying in my higher awareness. It isn't an easy path, it's just the more aware one and the consequences are great for everyone!

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