Sunday, April 16, 2017

Using Doubt With Wisdom

I have come to know doubt as a healthy emotion because I have realized it's ability to move me forward in understanding and knowing the precarious twists and turns of a spiritual state, a spiritual journey of being and not keeping me frozen in reluctance or falling into a spiritual trap. How did I come to this?

I have come to see doubt as a positive emotion because I learned to use it with wisdom. The meaning of this is that I am fully aware of my doubt and I use it to question, to delve into the deeper nature of the spiritual truths that confront me and not as a means of dismissing spiritual messages and understandings. I seek first to understand and in doing so, I use doubt to move beyond surface level beliefs, knowledge and understanding by looking below the surface.

Allow me to use a personal example. When my wife died suddenly on her birthday in 2012, I was traumatized and as a result, shifted in consciousness into my "Light Body." At first I didn't believe all the synchronicity, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience I was experiencing about her. I was hearing my wife's voice, smelling her perfume and seeing her in our home, in dreams, in my imaginal field. I doubted it was real until I used my doubt in a wise way and began to investigate these happenings, began to do automatic writing to talk with her on the other side that I came to firmly recognize that her contact was real because I was now in my "Light Body" and was closer to the other side myself. I was in her spiritual reality. I was on the other side of the veil.

This experience of using doubt with wisdom regarding questioning my spiritual contact with my deceased wife served to ground me into the reality that life exists after death. I no longer doubt that Spirit is real. I no longer doubt that I am in my "Light Body." I no longer doubt my psychic abilities. All of these manifestations are as real as anything any of us experience in this physical reality and beyond.

When facing spiritual trials of any kind, my suggestion is to use doubt but use it with wisdom meaning that you aren't negating your spiritual experience, you are questioning it to delve deeper into its meaning for you. See what I mean?

I do not simply accept any spiritual truth without questioning it and by questioning it, it reveals its deeper and essential truths to me where I come to a place of unshakable faith.

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