Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To All My Brother And Sister "Know It Alls"

To all my brother and sister "know it alls": If you believe you know it all, you have THE answer, you live in a misguided place of great ignorance, of great unawareness. To believe you know it all is a great Self-deception no matter how spiritual you are, how deep you are, how many masters degrees and PHD's you have.

Why is this so? To believe you know it all is a deception because, from my awareness, you can always know more and ideas, theories, hypotheses, belief systems, discoveries continue to evolve and change infinitely. Knowledge is not static. More is always being found out, revealed. There ARE new things under the sun and human nature CAN be changed, God is NOT human, you Can get ahead, you ARE worthy and NOT born dirty and the dark forces are NOT in control.

Stop using past knowledge to define your present and your future. Stop this nonsense of a coming Armageddon and apocalypse!!! Stop thinking that history has to repeat itself. Stop pointing your finger in an old book and telling me it's true and I must live by old thinking.

Awareness and knowledge expand. Humans and human thinking evolves. Stop hanging on to old, worn out ideas and energy thinking that's the definitive answer. THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER. There is only the question and the answer is in the question.

The question is: when will you stop believing you know it all and start really knowing by opening your awareness to all that is? Thinking you know it all is living in limitation because you live not wanting to hear anything else because you believe you have arrived, as if there is no more room inside you for greater realizations!

My suggestion: GROW UP!!!!!!!

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