Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Great Leap To Self-Worth

I like grounded spirituality, instead of lofty esotericism, as in physical, mental and emotional action steps I can take and do in the here and now to achieve expanded states of consciousness that help me live a better, more fulfilled life.

This consideration became very apparent to me as I deliberated about the question of the lack of self-worth that, from my perception, seems to afflict many people upon the planet. How does one make the great leap, as I like to call it, from feeling unworthy to feeling, being, knowing that one IS worthy of everything one desires and wishes to be?

Here is what occurred to me in manifesting greater self-worth, making the great leap into feeling, knowing and being worthy of...everything we desire:

1. The very first and most crucial step is that we have to BELIEVE we ARE worthy. We have to believe in the possibility that we are worthy and feeling a lack of self-worth is an old energy paradigm that is not befitting a magnificent soul such as ours!

2. Once we make the great leap into feeling worthy, we have to see that we exist in a reality that is simply a thought construct that is really an ILLUSION. The meaning of this is that we can shift out of this illusion by seeing that being worthy is real. We ARE worthy.

3. When we have engaged with a sense of worthiness, we must FORGIVE ourselves for our past feelings of lack and just let it go. Move on in worthiness and never allow our selves to shift back into feeling a lack of self-worth. Ever!!!

Having self-worth is the natural state of human being. Lack of self-worth is the illusion. Making the great leap from feeling unworthy to worthy is the quantum conundrum of our current reality. The action steps above are meant for us to consider and use to make that great leap into greater self-worth. I am hopeful that these action steps will start us on a path to greater happiness.

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