Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Five Great Deceptions

There are five great deceptions that humanity keeps deceiving itself with that I received as a channel from Lee Carroll of Kryon, the Magnetic Master.

Here are the five great deceptions of old energy:

1. You will never climb out of human nature.

2. You cannot get ahead.

3. You are not worthy.

4. God is human.

5. Darkness is in control.

Old energy is no longer a factor in our progression as evolving beings. Our humanity need not contain, accept and live these old energy deceptions. You can change human nature, you can get ahead, you are worthy, God is not human and darkness is not in control.

These old energy patterns, belief systems are now meant to be let go of. They are not true for humans. These are false, tired premises that have held humanity back for thousands of years.

May I suggest you take these deceptions, review them and remove them from your life, immediately!!! All they are doing is wearing down your soul and keeping you imprisoned in an old paradigm, a paradigm that has been shut down. Again, these deceptions are no longer true.

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