Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spiritual Habits

I have found that people who evince their spirituality have certain habits or ways about them (me being one of them). These are on my mind because they seem to reflect a growing consciousness that I relate to. Steven Bancarz listed them perfectly in SpiritScience and I share them with you here:

1. There is a practice of some form of meditation or yoga.

2. Often, the diet is organic, gluten-free and vegetarian.

3. The lifestyle is one of reducing, re-using and recycling.

4. The practice of gratitude is foremost.

5. There is a tendency to own gemstones and crystals.

6. Most often, there is a positive attitude.

7. It seems less likely that you will find conscious people watching much news and/or television.

8. They prefer cooperation over competition.

9. For some reason, there is a desire to use unusual greetings in letters, texts and emails.

10. You don't normally find them in clubs and bars.

There are many more traits or habits of spiritually conscious people. These habits are ever growing and they reflect an awareness that there is more to our reality than we have been led to believe. I am travailing these greater realities and I invite you to join me there.

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