Monday, April 17, 2017

My Soul Was Born At The Dawn Of Time

From my perception of my soul, my soul was not "born" as in there is no such thing as time in soul beingness. Saying that my soul was born at the dawn of time is human language code for "ancient soul." Souls do not go by time as humans know it. They go by experiences in form, i. e., human form, in order to learn and from these learning experiences, expand soul awareness.

My soul has always been and I have had millions of incarnations and therefore, many experiences and much soul awareness expansion that I am recognized for being a "Cosmic" soul. What this means is that I am one who is unlimited and my presence, form, is here, there and everywhere. Let's just say that it's a very large presence in scope.

I perceive that we are all expanding our soul's awareness and this is an on-going continuum where souls have different levels of awareness and it is soul's intent to always gain more awareness. Being at different levels of soul awareness doesn't mean better or worse, good or bad, higher or lower. It's awareness level. Use whatever metaphor you wish; path, journey, Tao, etc., but it is all the same as we are all progressing with our soul's awareness.

I urge you to look at your life as a soul journey where connecting to your own soul and the souls of others is of paramount importance to you.

Your soul will thank you for it.

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