My Complex Is With You

When I am with you, my entire complex of who and what I am is with you in that I am present with you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My entire multidimensionality that is me here is right with you as I cannot compartmentalize and just be with you physically while I tune out the other parts of my complex.

What does this mean for you? It means many things foremost of which is that you may find my presence disturbing, complex, perturbing, uncanny, uncommon, unknown in that it will ask you to multitask with more awareness, to be with me on several levels at once, at the same time. It asks you to become more aware, to go to a deeper level of being. This is possible for you in that you too are a complex and Multidimensional. The issue at hand is that you don't practice who and what you are with awareness. You compartmentalize believing you are one thing, for example, just being in your mind. See what I mean?

To relate to me, you have to turn on your complex, your multidimensionality. When you do this, I don't come across as disturbing because you are right here with me. You are aware with me. We synergistically allow a communication of our energies to happen with awareness. See?

It's like you see me or you feel me. This is a higher level of communication we all do unconsciously because our energy signatures, our auras are always touching. What I am saying here is, let's do this consciously, with awareness.

Whoever you are, reading this, wherever you are, I am right here with you in all my complexity. All I can tell you is that it's a great feeling. Most are unconscious of this and their perception of me disturbs them. What they say about their encounter with me is that they have nothing in common with me and have no connection with me. To them, I say, go in peace.


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