Friday, April 21, 2017

Manifesting Worthiness

Everyone, in my perception, seems to struggle with manifesting worthiness in their lives. They don't feel worthy of having love, money, success, happiness, spiritual connection and just, more. From my observation, this is not our natural, inherent, human state. This state of feeling unworthy is thrust upon us by the unfortunate conditioning that comes from religion telling us we are born dirty, in original sin, useless, a piece of crap. It tells us that we must earn our worthiness. Nonsense. Misguided.

Our natural state is a state of great self-worth that we manifest just by being born. We have nothing to earn to prove our self-worth. Everyone is worthy of Love, joy, health, light, peace, abundance, manifestation, balance and harmony. Everyone is worthy of happiness, of laughter, of security. No one is better than anyone else.

How do you manifest worthiness? You manifest worthiness by simply allowing yourself to FEEL worthy and simply BE in that state all the time. Just feel worthy. Change your belief system from "I am not worthy" to "I am worthy."

How do you accomplish this? I have found that the best way is to begin a practice of first refuting, disagreeing with the concept of original sin. Throw it out. Get rid of it. Tell yourself over and over that you were not born dirty, you are worth everything you desire. Tell yourself this every day, multiple times a day until you believe it, know it, understand it. Then, show yourself this new belief in yourself by allowing yourself to have those things you crave: Love, spiritual awareness, happiness, abundance, joy, etc.

Manifesting worthiness is simply believing you ARE worthy. God does not create that which is worthless, so these feelings of unworthiness that society has thrust upon you through misguided religions are the ultimate in un-Godliness, un-spirituality,  unnatural!!! See what I mean?

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