Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ideation Is NOT The Experience Of God

Pointing to pages in an old book, repeating worn out rituals, thinking of God as in seeing God in the old, tired biblical description of a vengeful God, saying "born again," trying to coerce others to join your religious club, punching your ticket through perceived good acts to get you into heaven to know God is not the spiritual experience, that thinking is the ideation of God, an image in the mind.

To experience God, drop ALL the ideational trappings of religion, all the old dogma, all the dead rituals and feel into the Love of Spirit within yourself as you walk the mystical path of experiencing Spirit in your everyday life. Feel Spirit as you look at yourself in the mirror, have your meals, vacuum your floor, saying hello to your neighbor, paying your bills, making love, going to work, watching TV, hugging your dog or cat, and all your mundane activities where Spirit is with you. You are your own church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. Spirit resides in you not in a box.

It is not your idea of God that connects you to God. It is your experience, your feeling Spirit, feeling God in your heart, not your mind, feeling, experiencing through being is the truer connection with Spirit, with God.

God is not a human or thing to think of. God is an awareness, a consciousness to be. Be God by living God in all you are, do and have.

You don't have to read a book to know God as God is already in you. Contact God within. You start by stepping on the mystical path of awareness, the awareness that you too are God in form, Spirit having a physical incarnation.

This God consciousness is the blessing you desire to receive. You give that blessing to yourself.

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