I Tried Being Human And It Didn't Work For Me

I'm going back to being my non-human self. You see, I tried being human but it just didn't work for me. Why did I decide this? The single biggest aspect of being human that tipped the scales for me to go back to my non-human self is your human thinking that makes you say and then believe that everything is human like you including God and when you find it's different, you kill it, alienate it, destroy it, refute it and ignore it. Humans must personify everything including themselves. Humans are so personified that they relegate their true nature, their true essence which is Spirit, to the garbage heap!! What???

I'm going back to my non-human self so I can avoid this nonsense, this sickness that divides humans who are so ego entrenched, so ego driven they agree to let different opinions divide and conquer them, let different ideas and ways of doing things divide them and create wars over them. What???

I got so sick of  this liberal versus conservative tripe, Moslem versus Jew, rich versus poor and all the other versus that I cound't stand it anymore! This divisiveness is man-made to control. I will not be controlled because my basic nature is free. I am totally free in being non-human, free from all your stupidity about keeping up with the Joneses and thinking that when you have a Mercedes and I have a Kia, you are "better." You Think having more money makes you more knowledgeable when you really know squat! Utter nonsense!!! What???

Humans are a bunch of babies. You're an immature race and you continue the same old outmoded ways of doing things that are killing, not only your own species, but other species as well. KILLING THE PLANET YOU LIVE ON! What???

My suggestion for alleviating this rank stupidity is for you, humans, to stop identifying as human. Become non-human and see things from a galactic perspective. This is the perspective that says, "Hey human assholes, get over yourselves, there is a much bigger picture going on than if you're white, black or brown, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, famous or unknown, smart or dumb." Grow up!!! Get with the galactic program. Your star family is here and more are coming. Time to open your eyes to the truth that you are not alone and that there are more mature species that don't live in stupidity like you!


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