I Do Not Die, Therefore, I Have No Fear

What is essentially "me" never dies. My consciousness, my awareness always is. I will "leave" my physical vehicle as I move away from that which I shed at the most appropriate moment. It is not the "death" as we have described as a species. It is going back to our natural vibratory level that is higher than the physical and therefore not always perceived by the human eye. I am always here. With that wisdom firmly entrenched within, I do not fear...anything. I don't fear leaving my physical vehicle at all. That physicality is only a reflection of my soul and not my soul itself. I am a complex of soul and body, mind and emotion.

When you know your real Self, fears melt away because you know that you are life everlasting. This Self is your real essence but you have been blinded to believe that your body is the real you. It's not. The real you is ethereal. The real you is Spirit in nature. Spirit does not "die." It exists on and in a different reality. A different vibratory level.

I consciously chose this persona/psyche/ego I'm inhabiting and my soul and it are intimately familiar with each other and so it is with all the other millions upon millions of bodies I have been. Physicality is my friend as I continue on as an essentially spiritual being, not a physical body. I have no fears as Spirit. I remember that and as I live in body, I don't fear. I plunge ahead with people, experiences and living, unafraid, intrepid, carefree, filled with abandon because I am not my body and I never "die."

This perception is the key to everlasting peace, Love, joy, happiness, balance and harmony. Nothing can kill or destroy me. Nothing can harm what is real. My body isn't the real part of me, my soul is. With that in mind, I take risks in life but wise ones.


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