Going Beyond Your Isms

Have you gone beyond your isms yet? I mean, have you gone beyond your beliefs to perceive what's beyond them as in your isms may be keeping you in a very narrowly defined reality and perception?

Are you still confined by your Mormonism, Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islamism, moneyism, sexism, disease isms or any ism that is drowning you in a sea of negativity, death and destruction? The time is ripe for you to consider that your isms might just be old and worn out and it's time for you to leave them behind and stop taking on isms and start experiencing life. There is much, much more to this awe-inspiring world than your isms. Your isms are a prison that keep you locked in a stale energy of perpetual sameness yet you wonder why things don't change for you and get better.

Drop your dogma. Drop your righteous indignation, your judgemental attitude, your labeling of others who are not in your ism club as blasphemers.

The day has arrived for you to see the true nature of the realities beyond your isms. That reality is where true joy, Love, health, light, peace, harmony, balance, abundance and manifestation exist. That's where I exist. Meet me there!


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