Forgive Your Indiscretions

Our weaknesses are hidden ways we can learn about ourselves. I have found that rather than chastising myself for my weaknesses, I forgive myself for them the instant they manifest in my behavior. I don't excuse them. I look at them and delve into my psyche as to their meaning and often see that I have more work to do on gaining clarity within myself. This is the clarity that says it's OK to fail, make a mistake, be vulnerable, have insecurities with the proviso that it harms none including myself, is not done with malicious intent, does not keep me stuck in a cognitive mental trap of denial and helps me explore the derivation of my weakness so that I can face my shadow side.

This is needed to understand and be more aware of the inner workings of one's persona/psyche/ego for reasons of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance, health and harmony.

When you have an indiscretion, encounter a weakness, forgive it, not excuse it. Look at why you evinced it, see what you can learn about yourself and then move on, aware that it is a behavior that you don't enjoy perpetrating on yourself or others. Don't blame or beat up on yourself. It's about facing your weakness.

I say, laugh at your demons in that you don't want to let your shadow side contsrict your life and you certainly don't want to let your weaknesses be a bull in a China shop where you constantly hurt yourself and others or live in a depressed state of being.

Weaknesses are to be learned from, blessed and then managed as in parenting your ego so that it does not run amok. Part of this parenting your ego is forgiving yourself when you slip on a banana peel. Forgive your indiscretions, forget them and don't be a chronic repeater of what doesn't work for you in your life, inside and out.

Face your shadow side and don't harshly judge yourself or others, it's only a thought construct.


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