Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Coffee And Conversations From The Cosmic Cafe At The Edge Of The Cosmos"

The Cosmic cafe at the edge of the Cosmos. Where is that, you ask? It is no where and everywhere. It is where I meet my Wizard friend to converse about esoteric subjects that can't be defined, are unlimited and quantum in nature. We delve into the unbound waters of Cosmic intelligence through which we are gifted to receive the codices of greater awareness through a dialogue given to us because we have allowed ourselves to be "God conscious."

He is just about the only Wizard who can grasp the Cosmic significance of the sacred space we create in our duet of synchronicity. We sit in the hallowed ground of the Cosmic cafe that is located wherever we meet. It is there where we have expanded our awareness for many years by investigating the guidance given to us by ascended masters, the spiritual hierarchy, the planetary logos, Angels, Archangels and the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence itself.

This guidance is open to all who allow it. If you go to the Cosmic cafe at the edge of the Cosmos, you too can expand your awareness beyond the limitations of this solar system, galaxay and universe. This is not done with drugs or Shamanic plants. You just sit in a place and allow this awareness in by talking about quantum subjects. You will find that as you talk about Cosmic consciousness, more Cosmic consciousness will be made available to you in various and sundry ways from books to webinars. It works. It is you calling these subjects to you. It is you expanding your soul's awareness.  By the way, our conversations are always grounded in the here and now, are all positive, loving and peaceful. You cannot be negative in sacred space.

Join us at the Cosmic cafe located at the edge of the Cosmos. It is free but you must be in your right mind. It's where anything is possible. P. S. GPS will not get you there.

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