Monday, April 10, 2017

Change Is A Cosmic Law

Change is inherent in how the Cosmos operates. It is so endemic to the Cosmos that it's a Cosmic Law. Change is the nature of life in any quadrant of the Cosmos including Earth. For people on Earth to hold fast to both religious and spiritual ideas and beliefs and never allow their natural growth, evolution and change of these ideas and beliefs is to take on a tremendous amount of Karma. This karma will come to you at some future point where you will experience the frustrating resistance to change by and in others. This karma will continue to be in your life until you learn, accept and forgive that you were so resistant to change yourself because of religious and/or spiritual beliefs you held.

I am not going to single out the large religious groups that are practicing this resistance to change around the planet. It is easy to see who they are. I would suggest you take a lesson from them as to what it looks and feels like when you have religious beliefs that keep you locked into one way and no other way, no room for growth, evolution, expanded realizations, acceptance of others, tolerance of others, not judging others.

There's a reason why change is a Cosmic Law: there is always new information being revealed, new ideas being discovered, greater awareness coming into play, deeper realizations occurring in religion and spiritually. To stifle this natural flow of existence is to strangle the essence of life itself which, to me, is to grow, to mature, to expand in awareness, to take your religious and spiritual beliefs and allow for their breathing in greater understanding as human minds and souls mature.

If you are resistant to change because of your religion, it's OK. But understand that you are putting very heavy karma on yourself, karma you will have to face eventually and it's not going to be pretty.

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