Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Being Human Is The Key To Spirituality

I thought spirituality would make me feel more spiritual and I would overcome my human nature! This, I discovered, is misguided thinking. It's just the opposite. My human nature is the key, the doorway to greater spiritual realization. There is no overcoming. How is this so?

What I discovered is that being spiritual begins with acknowledging and accepting that the human experience itself is spiritual and reaching higher states of spiritual awareness starts with your humanity, your being human and all the forces that act upon your human experience. No matter how aware, how high, how mature you are and become on your spiritual path, as long as you are in human form, you are still here to do and learn something, your earthly mission is not over, the forces of nature continue to act on, through and with you. For example, if you have reached high states of spiritual awareness, that does not mean you ignore your body's health. It means the opposite. It means you have greater awareness to maintain balance in your body and you still must do things to maintain this balance. If you don't, you body will become unbalanced and you will get sick.

Being in body with a high state of spiritual awareness is a greater responsibility in that since you are so aware, you know how to more effectively manage the forces that act upon the physical body and doing anything less is a matter of devolving because it is the body that is showing you the way of realizing that you are a complex of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities that you only ignore at your peril. See what I mean?

Your physical body is spiritual in that it is the projection of your soul and the soul is a projection of your Spirit. Body and Spirit are not separate, they are one. When you arrive at the realization that your physicality is sacred, holy and divine, you have reached a great state of awareness, I have found.

They body is not refuse. It is Spirit in form. Be with that realization.

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