Monday, March 27, 2017

What To Do When Your Soul Speaks To You

Our souls are always speaking with us whether we are aware of it or not, whether we choose to listen or not. Very often, we are so egoically separated from our soul that we just don't believe it's talking with us, trying to warn us or help us learn.

What do we do when we become aware that our souls are speaking with us! It's very simple and direct: LISTEN!!! Ah, but the rub is, most don't understand the language of their soul because it not only talks through your mind with language and pictures, it also communicates through your emotions with feelings and through your body with illness if you ignore its initial signs.

The soul and body (your body is a vibrationally slowed down aspect of your soul) speak very plainly and if you pay attention, you will no doubt understand what it's trying to tell you. When you ignore your soul, it will try and get your attention through louder and louder signals. For example, if your body is developing diabetes, your soul will alert you through your body with physical symptoms like diabetic sores on your toes. Your soul is asking you to get help. If you ignore this communique, your soul will shout louder through a doctor cutting off your toe. See what I mean? Your soul is bringing about your healing but you have to take action.

The soul speaks through our physical world, our mental and emotional worlds in infinite ways from soft whispers to catastrophic illness. It is up to us to be aware enough to pay attention and heed our souls' communication with us or suffer the consequences. I see many souls who choose to stay in lower vibrating awarenesses and it is painful to watch.

When your soul speaks to you, drop everything and pay close attention. Your soul doesn't waste your time. If its speaking to you, there is a reason, a very good reason.

These are not just words on a page. I have been through this with myself and others. Listen to your soul. It wants to grow you!

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