Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ultimate Reality Game Changer

I have discovered the ultimate reality game changer to be something none of us ever thinks about. It is a simple, profound awareness of ourselves!!! Yes, trusting yourself completely changes your reality for the better. Why is this? When you have deep trust in yourself, I have found from experience, you let go of doubt, lack of self-worth and hesitation. You ride a wave of awareness that brings you a sense that no matter your choices, you can handle the consequences with grace. As you attune to this inner trust more and more, your discernment sharpens and you make better choices. You become more aware of what's right for you.

Why this is a reality game changer is because, in trusting yourself,  you bring to your realities a calm sense that you created this reality with conscious intent and it is what you want. You then begin to make choices free of doubt, free of self-loathing, free of hesitation. You own your reality because you created it and it's the one you want. You are free from confusion. You have clarity.

Ultimately, your trust in yourself is that feeling you bring to your choices that everything will turn out alright. No matter what happens, you will make it right because whatever you choose is right for you in that moment. Whatever you choose, you will learn from. That's where the trust comes from: that you are open to learning from your choices, good or bad. If you're not willing to learn, your reality reflects it by making you repeat the same consequences over and over again until you learn from them.

No matter what happens, your attitude is: I learned something. That's part of trusting yourself. That, my friends, is a definite reality game changer.

If you never learn from your experiences, you're stuck in a vicious cycle. You become a no where man.

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