Friday, March 31, 2017

Stop Expecting These Things From Others For Your Own Happiness

Stop your expectations of others. It's a lost cause and leads to your misery. Here are 15 things you should stop expecting from others if you really want to be happy:

1. Stop judging others based on your standards.

2. Nobody is perfect.

3. Don't expect everyone to agree with you.

4. No one can actually always read your feelings.

5. Do not think others will rescue you when you fall.

6. Not everyone will get you or understand you.

7. Do not feel that others will treat you like you treat them.

8. Not all people remain unchanged.

9. Not everyone has everything together.

10. Cultivate a feeling of love from within yourself.

11. Stop thinking that things will be easy.

12. Do not expect fairness in all you do.

13. Stop thinking that adversaries will fail.

14. Get control of your money.

15. Set standards only for you.

In relationships, I have found that it's best you don't demand, control or expect how people behave with you if you truly want to be happy. Let people be who they are and relate to them or not based on who they are, not on what you want them to be.

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