Saturday, March 25, 2017

I'm The One I've Been Waiting For

I have finally caught up with the inner being I've been looking to become and who has patiently waited for me all this lifetime. That inner being, that inner "me" was always there but I was not ready to embrace it, to allow it, to become it. Who and what is the One I've been waiting to catch up with?

The One I've caught up with, that has been there all along is my essential, titanic, Cosmic Shamanic Soul. It is that part of my complex that is intimately entwined with the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence and it is the real me. 

There are many things I learned about my essential Self most important being that I am not from Earth, nor any planet or light realm. I am a consciousness whose real nature is Light. My natural form is the Blue Ray and that is a vibratory level that exists as a consciousness as in I am not usually in body. My preference and natural state of being is not being in a format like a human body. When called on assignment, I agree to come into format (like in the human format I'm in right now) and take on all the forces and realities that act on the format of the human body. I do this because I cannot effect a sphere like Earth without being present and I cannot be present without being in body. I must have Presence to shine my Light.

What I learned about being this Light is that I am a Being of Love, Healing and Wisdom. These are truly powerful vibrations that took me a long time to catch up with. Catch up with means being fully aware that they are me. Now I use them for my benefit and the benefit of Earth and all those on Earth. 

Love, Healing and Wisdom are not about morality, good and bad. They are about a much higher level of awareness that is larger than human awareness as it is on our planet right now. It is a different dimension where the lower energies of hate, anger, fear, greed, jealousy, control, competition, judgement, lack, comparison, and doubt do not exist. 

This is what has been waiting for me AND YOUR SOUL LEVEL IS WAITING FOR YOU. Have you caught up to, will you catch up to your real Self in this life time? It's up to you. Whatever you decide, know that your real Self is always there waiting for you to catch up with it.

Now would be a great time to make this decision if you haven't already done so.

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