Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Speak My Truth

I often feel out of place at parties when people ask me about myself and I speak about my connection to my soul as being my perspective of life and they give me a weird look or ask me questions. Sometimes, I feel like I'm pushing something on them and then I remind myself that I am speaking my truth and it's the only thing I can do. Even when I feel vulnerable speaking about this important soul connection, especially at social gatherings meant for drinking and fun. I can't hide it under the veneer of social graces or social amenities simply speaking on surface subjects which I don't mind. I invariably come to the subject of soul in same way or form.

Generally, I will stay quiet, drinking a glass of wine or beer and invariably, I will attract someone to me who is curious about me and comes up to me asking questions, I can't hide. They feel me. They have said so. I reveal myself. I feel naked. In these cases, I remind myself that I am being me and speaking my truth, the truth that I am soul having a human interlude.

What I am coming to realize is that there is never an inappropriate time to speak the truth of your soul. I am not talking about going on a crusade where you dogmatically inculcate your truth on others. I am talking about when people pick up on your energy and are attracted to you and want to know more. It is best to speak from your truth, from your knowing. Give them the best answers you can because they are looking for answers.

When one awake soul recognizes another, you have no choice but to be real and commune on an honest and open level no matter if you feel out of place.

Soul connection is my truth. May you be that truth as well.

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