Friday, March 17, 2017

Ego Is The Visible Part Of The Soul

There are many Spiritual masters,  people and traditions that advise getting rid of the ego in order to reach high levels of consciousness. This is nonsense to me since the ego is just the slowed down vibration of the soul. There is no separation between ego and soul, it's just a different form of soul, a form designed by soul, for soul to maneuver and exist in human format in a material construct, this one being Earth.

I suggest you love your ego but make sure you parent your ego so that it does not run amok causing you undue havoc. The sense of our egoic lower self is important and is the starting point of spiritual growth in that we use our ego to overcome it's lower Identity to mature into higher awareness of ourselves. Once we understand what our ego truly is, we can begin to recognize what it is not. We can begin to hear the whispers of our soul, our Higher Self and know how to really differentiate between our ego talking and our soul talking.

Here is an example: when you have difficulties in life, your ego will seek self-pity but your soul will help you to bring about meeting and overcoming your challenges. Your ego will try to self-destruct amid the chaos of life while your soul will help you to keep going and emerge from your trials with greater experience and wisdom.

When you parent your ego, when you assure your ego that all is well and stay connected to your soul, you arrive at a condition of life called optimism. You see that you are a continuum in the Spirit of existence and your ego is that human part of you designed to keep you grounded in a physical reality.

When you are thinking greedily, jealously, angrily, hatefully, pitifully and fearfully, that is your ego talking. When you are thinking joyfully, lovingly, healthfully, peacefully and harmonically, that is your soul talking.

It is OK to relate to the visible part of your soul called your ego. It is still, after all, your soul but it is a part of you that must be mastered if you are going to have any self realization.

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